Healthy Practices

  • Morning Assembly

Each college day begins with a Prayer, National Song, Thought for the day, News Headlines, Announcements and National Anthem.


  • Activity Based Classroom Teaching

The regular classes are not mere teacher delivered lectures but are highly interactive, thought provoking and activity based. Each trainee is encouraged to speak up so that shyness and fright is conquered. All this is achieved with a lot of encouragement and personal motivation.

  • Pre-internship Workshops

Micro teaching helps the students to attain mastery over the various teaching skills in a scaled done encounter, which will help the teachers in the smooth functioning of their real classroom teaching-learning process. Two lessons are practiced by each student for each skill. They plan, teach, get instant feedback, re-plan, re-teach and are reinforced on their improvement till the teaching skill is acquired. Our students practice following teachings skills:

    • Skill of defining/writing teaching objectives in behavioural terms
    • Skill of introduction/set induction
    • Skill of questioning
    • Skill of reinforcement
    • Skill of explanation
    • Skill of illustrating with examples (explained and used practically)
    • Skill of stimulus variation (explained and used practically)
    • Skill of using teaching aids
    • Skill of using the blackboard
    • Skill of achieving closure/evaluation/winding up
    • Skill of identifying student behavior (explained and used practically)
    • Skill of classroom management (explained and used practically)
  • Strict Internship

Trainees of B.Ed., D.Ed. & B.P.Ed.  are exposed to first hand, real job situations in recognized school and have to practice the practical aspects of their professional skills for a couple of months or more.

  • Net based theory assignments

 Students of each class are given assignments on latest development on education, physical education, teaching trends, behavior modification etc. to keep them aware of upcoming trends and innovation in the field of child grooming and social building.

  • Most Promising Student-teacher Award

All the active students who enthusiastically participate in the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities during the session are acknowledged and encouraged to continue their enthusiasm in their profession too.

  • Wall Magazine

The college has a vibrant and up-dated scheme of wall magazines, bulletin boards, notices boards and wall campaigns. Dr. Sudhir Gupta, Dr. Shailendra Dubey, Ms. Sadhna Soni and Ms. Sheela Devi supervise the college walls.

  • Competitive Examination Preparation

The college organizes regular seminars, workshops, training for ‘Teacher Eligibility Tests’ for the interested trainees.

  • Visit to other teacher training institutes (Teacher Education College Surveys)

Student teachers go on visits to conduct surveys of other teacher training institutions   and compare the facilities with their own institution and suggest for improvement.

  • Regular field trips/excursions

Real experiences are the most effective teachers. Gratifying this view, the college arranges field trips and excursions to various places like museum, heritage sites, national parks etc.

  • Student Support/T-G System

A very sensitive students’ support system (SSS) or tutor-guardian (TG) system has been evolved to know, understand and help trainees with their problems/obstacle in the path of their careers. The Philosophy behind Student Support Services (SSS) is to help students to overcome barriers in their path of learning. The root causes identified over the years are financial constrains, family obligations, personal problems and medical issues.  The College has developed an active Tutor-Guardian (TG) System to collect individual information, keep it confidential yet help the student overcome it by a warm and personal touch.

  • Social Activities

Trainees are motivated to involve themselves in various activities for social benefits and humane values development.

  • Striving for the ‘BEST’

Trainees are encouraged to participate in competitions not to defeat their colleagues but to ‘bring out the best’ from within themselves and hence reach the ultimate goal of education-Personal Improvement for Social Benefit.

  • Internalization of Knowledge

The affective domain objectives of education are achieved by helping the trainees to groom feelings and values of patriotism, humanism, respect for our culture & environment and above all professional ethics and humane morals.

  • Staff upgradation & Motivation

The college organizes regular seminars, workshops, faculty development programmes and even sponsors the complete tour of teacher educators to attend academic gathering outside Bhopal.

  • Warm Management & Staff Relationship

The management ensures a warm and healthy relationship of trust and cooperation with its staff and their family. A staff-management day out in the form of lunch, picnic, watching a film etc is also planned every year.