Journal (Jan-June 2019)
S.No. Author's Name Title PDF
2 Dr. SAROJ JAIN Outcomes-based education as a curriculum for change: a critical analysis Download
3 Aushak Hussain Mir Aalterernative techniques of assessment for teaching cience to class VII student Download
4 Mayank Limay Role of value analysis model in the development of values Download
5 Nazma Chaudhary Muslim and non-Muslim teachers of Mewat city Of the trainees' attitude towards teaching profession study Download
6 Sunita Chouksey Hindi language of Class 6th students of Bhopal city Their social and economic status of related errors Studies in the context of Download
7 Prabha Kumari At college level in Dhanvad district, Jharkhand Increased dissatisfaction of students in studies Download
8 Rajkumari Ekka "Teaching of teachers of various subjects of Dhanvad district The study of aptitude ". Download
9 Naazneen Mobeen "Challenges in the education of Muslim girls observational studies'' Download
10 Priti Gupta Government and non-governmental education of Bhopal city Professional women teachers working in institutions Study of attitude Download
11 Kranti Verma One who lives alone in Bhopal city Study of adjustment in married women Download

Journal (July-Dec 2017)
S.No. Author's Name Title PDF
2 Dr. Namita Nahar Attitude of Teacher-Educators and B.Ed. Students towards Download
3 Dr. Rashmi Shrivastava Download
4 Dr. Rashmi Trivedi Download
5 Dr. Usha Parihar Download
6 Mr. Kamlesh_Dahikar Download
7 Mr. Praveen Kumar Download
8 Mrs. Bhawna Madam Download
9 Mrs. Neha Parihar Download

Journal (Jan-June 2017)
S.No. Author's Name Title PDF
2 Dr. Anil Gupta Download
3 Dr. Anoopi Samaiya Download
4 Dr. Priti Gupta Download
5 Dr. Rashmi Trivedi A Comparative Study of Personal Values of Rural and Urban School Adolescents Download
6 Mr. Akshya Kumar Download
7 Mr. Kamlesh_Dahikar Download
8 Mr. Praveen Kumar Download
9 Mrs. Bhavna Geetey Download
10 Mrs. Neha Parihar Download
11 Prof. Saroj Jain Globalization and Higher Education Download

Journal (July-Dec 2016)
S.No. Author's Name Title PDF
2 Sarika C. Saju Academic Leadership: Emerging Perspectives Download
3 Ghulam Hussain Shah A comparative study of computer literacy of Deaf, Dumb and Blind Children Download
4 Dr.Savita Sharma & ArchanaPawar Self Confidence & Social Values Of High School Teacher in terms of SEX Download
5 Dr. Saroj Jain Contribution of Pradhan Mantri Rashtriya Kaushal Vikas Yojana in the development of Ladakh cottage and handloom in India. Download
6 Neelesh Kumar Singh Study of difficulties in coordination between principal and teachers Download
7 Mayank Limaye Educational patterns and features of educational models Download
8 Neha Parihar Role of teacher for secondary education in teaching paradigms Download
9 Raghvendra Singh Bhadauria Study of adjustment in children of working and non-working women of Bhopal city Download
10 Radhika Bhadouria Study of correlation of confidence and academic achievement of higher secondary level students Download
11 Prakrati Chaturvedi & Dr.Savita Sharma Study of the impact of the frustrations of children of Working women on their academic achievement Download