Background Of CRAC

In, Bhopal, under the affiliation of Barkatullah University, there are four Govt. sponsored/run institutions that offer teacher education programmes in regular/traditional/Face to face mode. Regional Institute of Education (RIE), Bhopal provided for a two year B.Ed. and the B.Sc.B.Ed. & B.A.B.Ed. four year integrated programme.

  • Institute of Advance Studies in Education (IASE), Bhopal provides two years B.Ed. programme for in-service teachers.
  • District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Bhopal provide a two years D.Ed. programme for in-service teachers.
  • The Deptt. of Cont. & Ext. Education, Barkatullah runs two years B.Ed. programme on self finance basis.

Ideology of VCE

Victoria College of Education, Bhopal has never been a passive follower of norms and curriculum laid down by its regulatory bodies. The college has active voiced appreciation on issues that have added up to the quality of teacher education and simultaneously, to protract and enhance excellence in teacher education, VCE has opposed with reason & suggestions the points that have hindered the smooth execution of the programme. The institution regularly: Encourages its faculty and students to debate on the needs of society at local levels so that their ideas may be put up for discussion in the Curriculum Review and Advisory Committee and hence to the Board of Studies. Collects analyses and reviews feedback related to curriculum proposals sent to the Board of Studies for further action.

Reasons for forming CRAC

It was felt that the teacher-educators of self financed/private institutions did not get ample representation to express their observations from ground zero of their job experiences. Victoria College of Education, Bhopal initiated a move to constitute a Curriculum Review and Advisory Committee (CRAC) in 2009 to review and propose to the Board of Studies on issues related to the syllabus in particular and curriculum in general. The members of this committee were not restricted to the institution’s academic human resource but experts of the field from other institutions and two student representatives of Victoria College were also included into the committee.

Objectives of forming CRAC

Curriculum Review and Advisory Committee (CRAC) was constituted in 2009 by the representatives of private teacher-education in Bhopal who responded to the call put up by Mr. Hassoo Khan, Ex-Principal, Victoria College of Education, Bhopal .
This committee officially came into existence on 14/09/09, when it met for the first time and defined its objectives as:

  • To extend grass root problems in curriculum implementation beyond single campus boundary.
  • To voice and echo regarding flaws in syllabus framing and problems in curriculum execution.
  • To develop a healthy and active link between teacher education programme implementers and the regulatory bodies.
  • To discuss scientifically analysed facts and to suggest reforms in teacher education curriculum.
  • To maintain the commitment of an ethically planned and accomplish teacher education programmes.