Research & Publication Cell

The college established a formal Research Cell in July 2011 and simultaneously launched an International Journal ‘Research Pool’. This cell also supervises the publication of the college magazine ‘Teachers & Taught Times’ and the college News Letters.

The main aim of the research and publication cell is to develop it as a unique R & D centre. The aim and objectives of this Research and publication cell are:

  • To facilitate research.
  • To provide educational guidance.
  • To publish researches, articles and books.
  • To promote research.


  1. Mr. Syed Sajid Ali – Chairman
  2. Dr. Mohd Faisal Khan - Secretary
  3. Mr. Mohd. Imran Khan - Treasurer
  4. Dr. Saroj Jain - Editor
  5. Dr. Kranti Verma - Co-Editor