It is almost imperative as a teacher to be constantly moving ahead because of changes taking place all around us. We at VCE take proactive steps to keep ourselves and our student-teachers abreast with newest developments in the field of education. It is a practice to organize a one day seminar every year for student-teachers from various Education colleges in Bhopal.

Workshop/ Conference/ Guest Lectures

VCE through Workshop/ Conferences/Guest Lectures create products, content and experiences to surprise, delight and engage, partnering with organizations who are building the kind of world we want to live in. workshops, conferences etc. provide real learning value to students and faculty.

Faculty Development Programme (FDP)

Victoria College of Education has taken a major initiative for strengthening the country's intellectual infrastructure for education, research and training, through the Faculty Development Programmes (FDP). Currently the Institute is offering FDPs reflecting its commitment to nation building through research and education development.

The programmes focusses on -

  • Enhancing functional area expertise.
  • Improving one's classroom delivery both as a teacher and trainer.
  • Enhancing abilities for conducting meaningful research.
  1. They create learning communities.
  2. They allow organizations to get updated information on key issues that their organizations are concerned with.
  3. The learning environment encourages delegates to exchange experiences, ideas and practices from their own institution.

In the Alumni Cell, VCE seek to reach out, maintain and strengthen close ties with our Alumni. The Alumni aims to organize ways in which present students can freely exchange ideas and experiences with Victorian across the globe- to learn how this college helped mould their minds, how it shaped their futures, their life on campus and much more.

An eagerly awaited event in the Alumni is our annual dinner and get-together and we look forward to hosting it in a big way every year. With New ideas in mind like Alumni-debates and a convocation ceremony for students, the Alumni Cell wishes to enhance and diversify its activities.

Viva Voice

The phrase 'viva voce' literally means 'with living voice', or 'by word of mouth', and is a particular form of oral examination. All students of our M.Ed. program are required to undergo a viva voce exam, which usually lasts between 1 and 2 hours, before they can be awarded a M.Ed. Degree.