Hall of fame

By the very fact of joining VCE, students agree to observe the rules and regulations of the college. Each student accepts the responsibility to uphold the standards of the college whether on or off the campus. Bearing in mind that the action of any member of a community directly or indirectly affects all other members, the college expects its members, to observe the rules and regulations as set forth in the prospectus and handbook.

To facilitate and ensure a conducive learning environment we would like to enforce the following code of conduct. Serious action will be taken against breach of conduct.

  • Victoria College of Education got National Excellence Award in 2015 for outstanding contribution in socio-economic development by Alma Certification London.
  • Victoria College of Education awarded for Education Excellence in 2014 by the Indus Foundation, Indo-Global Education Expo & Summit.
  • Dr. Mohd Faisal Khan got Eminent Educationist Award in 2014 by Minority Institutions Organisation.
  • All India Achievers Foundation awarded Dr. Mohd Faisal Khan Indian Leadership Award for Education Excellence in 2013.
  • Veteran athlete and sports coach Mr. Hassoo Khan has a long list of achievement since 1970 but the major achievements in the last five years are:
  • tudents are expected to conduct themselves with decency, decorum and dignity and help promote a healthy comradeship. Good manners are the best ornament of an educated person.
  • Ragging of students is a crime punishable by law and is strictly prohibited.
  • Smoking and chewing of tobacco is strictly prohibited.
  • All students are required to carry their student Identity cards at all times on their person by wearing them so that they are clearly visible.
  • Students are prohibited from inviting outsiders into the college.
  • Every student should make conscious efforts to keep the college premises neat and clean.
  • Do not destroy damage or break any college property, furniture or fixtures.
  • The decision of the Principal shall be final in all matters of discipline and enforcement of rules.